In 2064, few survivors remain in a post-apocalyptic world, living in the city of New Terra.

They are protected from the radiations by a giant protective dome.

Millions of people live in this last civilisation, in a relative civility.

To provide their needs (iron, wood, water, energy…), missions must be conducted outside the city.

But the radioactive lands are dangerous in many ways (animals, mutants, fires, breach…)

An elite unit was created to do so. It was called the BOMB SQUAD

Guided by the doctor Bowen, a few hundred elite soldiers go further and further to provide everything humanity needs.

Alice : A tech addict, depressed after her boyfriend’s death.

Bored and cynical, she will go straight to the point. Do not play with her.

Skeetsy : An ex influencer who never accepted to go back to being unknown.

He likes the fame and do not hesitate to take risks to get back his old aura.

Aiko : One of the most dedicated New Terra’s inhabitant, managing the common gardens.

In the Bomb Squad, she’s keen on finding new resources to improve people’s quality of life.

She is a true believer in the future.

Kim : A strong 120kg man, fearless and hopeless.

Ex military, he crushed all the Bomb squad tests.

Adoptive Dad of Alice, he will do anything to protect her.

En manque d’information et en proie à la dépression, beaucoup de thèses circulent et beaucoup d’habitants sont aujourd’hui persuadés de la présence d’extraterrestres parmi eux, qui auraient fomenté la catastrophe survenue il y a 30 ans.

Mais ont-ils vraiment tort ?

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